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Hazardous Operations

Structured and continual risk management

We help you see and understand the risks that exist, and how you can manage them. Our experts take a holistic approach to ensure that your risk management is a natural, integrated part of your operations.


Can you list your five highest risks? Is responsibility for the risks and how they are managed clearly defined, both within your organization and externally?

At Briab we are experts in risk management in projects and organizations. We have many years of experience of supporting businesses that create, implement and follow up systems for risk management. We use a structured and continual method that can be applied to projects as well as ongoing operations. This work leads to better understanding and management of risks.

If dealt with correctly, active security work at the workplace can help form a culture of increased employee engagement and work satisfaction. Don’t be surprised if it results in a stronger brand that facilitates staff recruitment, and increased competitiveness overall.

Examples of services we offer:

Handling of flammable goods

Our risk experts can help you with all the risks and requirements related to legislation on flammable and explosive goods, including risk analysis, permits and staff training.

ATEX – Work in explosive atmospheres

Do you handle flammable gas,  liquid or dust in your operations? We can help you assess whether and where explosive environments can arise. With our long experience of explosion prevention, we can prepare complete explosion prevention documents, which also include classification plan and risk assessment, customized to your operations.

Internal permission

An important part of safety is to deal with the work underway in your operations. Whether it is simpler types of work, or hot work in explosion-classified settings, we can help you optimize your procedures and documentation.

Site risk analysis

An overarching site risk analysis that can serve as background information for all internal and external requirement specification, including anti-accident legislation (Swedish LSO), legislation regarding flammable and explosive goods (Swedish LBE), Seveso and insurance companies.

Analysis of required preparedness as per LSO 2:4

Based on a site risk analysis, we describe the operation’s dimensioning scenarios as per Swedish anti-accident legislation (LSO 2:4). We then analyze every dimensioning scenario, to clarify what requirements it places on your preparedness within the operations.

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Safety report and action plan as per Seveso

We help you examine and analyze whether the Seveso legislation applies to you. Our experts assist you with their knowledge and advice in the development of everything from fundamental risk analyses to complete safety reports and action plans as per the Seveso legislation.

We help you put together safety reports as per the Seveso Directive, and our expertise will guide you in your dialog with state agencies.

  • We inventory, evaluate and advise you on your handling of chemicals, to determine whether and to what degree your operations are subject to Seveso legislation.
  • We conduct a site risk analysis, to identify events and conditions that could cause serious chemical accidents.
  • We do in-depth consequence analyses, specific to identified scenarios.
  • We carry out a thorough study, and support you when you develop management systems and action plans.
  • We write a complete safety report, which covers all aspects of your operations.

Risk Manager

Our experts function as resource support when you have to define, develop or perform in the role of risk manager. The duties of this role comprise the overarching risk management in the operations. This includes securing both internal and external requirement specifications together with rational risk management.

Description of risk for insurance purposes

We conduct a full analysis of your operations and present a description of the risks of damage to property and damage due to interruptions. The description makes it easier to get an overview of the risks, to evaluate the risks and to make well-grounded decisions when it comes to measures for risk management and the extent of insurance cover.

Systematic fire protection work

We help you to meet requirements for systematic fire protection work, as per legislation regarding accident protection (LSO in Sweden). We start by analyzing the operations and the fire risks. This results in a proposal for how you can organize yourselves and work on securing the physical and organizational fire protection.

Fire design in renovation and extension

In connection with renovation and extension work, our experts can provide assistance and information, to ensure that design and the completed facility meet building regulations.

Project management for renovation and extension

We provide expert assistance with project management for renovation and extension work. Our Project team management concept enables us to assist in every step of the building process. Especially project risk management, which minimizes construction errors, delays and unpredicted budget deviations. Read more about Project team management here.

Other requirements? Contact us, we’ll find a solution!

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