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Let's Evolve Safely - Celebrating Sweden's Day at Expo 2020

Sweden is well known for a business climate that fosters innovation. Not only that, we also excel at safety. The prime example is road safety with the ‘Vision Zero’ approach and the pioneering work by Volvo. As we innovate and try new technologies, material and different solutions, we also tend to introduce new risks. Historically, we often learn the hard way through accidents and the following overregulation. Today, we need to be smarter than that.

We have to challenge traditional concepts to reduce our carbon footprint, and look for new ways to adapt to the effects of climate change. Today we’re using and combing new materials and techniques in construction that would have been forbidden just thirty years ago. With smart safety solutions, engineering excellence,  and an innovative business climate we open the way for climate-friendly timber buildings. The Swedish pavilion at Expo 2020 is the perfect example. Timber buildings was unheard of in Dubai and was definitely out of scope for the building codes. By identifying the risks and hurdles, Briab’s engineers were able to address them accordingly, bringing the Swedish Forest to UAE.    


The Swedish entrepreneurship and open mind for innovation is an important part for us. As experts on risk and safety, we work with clients and experts to co-create smart and innovative solutions. With engineering excellence, utilizing digitalization and a holistic perspective we’re advancing safety and innovation. For example:

  • Finding fire safe strategies to utilize new technology and materials in construction;
  • Adapting our society for wild fires, floods and risks in transport; 
  • Safely transforming our energy & transport sector, e.g. as we scale up hydrogen or new batteries; 

At Briab, we are not afraid to venture into new territories and finding new ways to safety and compliance. By addressing the specific risks and challenges that come with innovation, we make sure that our society is ready for tomorrow. Openness to innovation and sound risk management is a virtue that we hold high. And as a leading fire, risk and security company we’re proud of the Swedish Safety principles, just like Volvo it’s in our DNA. 

Today, Dec 15, we celebrate Sweden’s National Day at Expo 2020 with pride. Reach out to us and learn more about success factor for innovation and risk management. And don’t miss out on upcoming Swedish Expo updates.

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