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Inspection and construction control

For a safe and secure implementation

In most construction businesses, from new builds to management to renovation, there are various types of requirements that must be met. Briab’s team for control, validation and verification helps you ensure that the requirements are met. The team has extensive experience, and is specialized in carrying out different types of inspections and checks on site when you need support and expertise.



Our work, close to our clients out at the site, leads to fewer remarks, minimization of costs and a safer, more efficient working method for the entire project management.

Lots of money to save

Some 30 per cent of the production cost in construction projects consists of building faults and other shortcomings that often can be avoided. As a result, some 50 billion Swedish crowns are wasted every year. And although the entire cost can not be linked to fire protection, late fire-related changes are very costly, and can delay completion considerably.

Customized checks – throughout the process

We offer customized inspections, carried out by our inspectors, who all have extensive experience of building production. Together with our clients we plan the inspections into the production at an early stage, to ensure that the requirements in the fire protection documentation are met. Thanks to early checks, and because we monitor the entire construction process, the client avoids costly, time-consuming changes and interventions at the end of the project.


Fire protection during construction

Fires at construction sites are all too common, and very costly. The reasons are often simple things that are easily missed, among all the other things that are going on at the site. And as construction has increased, fire protection requirements for building site huts are getting stricter.

Systematic work

Briab’s experts secure the fire protection by way of regular inspections and a constructive dialog on the systematic fire protection work at the site. In collaboration with the site management we can identify and assess the risks that exist, and propose suitable risk-reducing measures, as well as conduct training and change risk behaviors.

Delivery in a secure environment

A well-functioning fire protection system during construction reduces the risk of personal injury and sick leave – and can prevent high material costs. It enables the site management to focus on efficient production in a safe workplace, and to securely deliver results on time and at the right quality.

Advice on site

Sometimes, to fulfill requirements, you need support in how to take the fire protection from design to implementation.

Problem-solving in time

Even when there is a fire protection specification, it can be hard to implement it in reality, which can lead to uncertainty among both tradespeople and management. Here, Briab can act quickly, together with the tradespeople, to create a functioning and workable solution to the problem. With our many years of experience in the design and construction phases, we can handle most challenges, to avoid the risk of building in poor or incorrect solutions which create problems later on.

So if you can’t afford to wait or compromise on the quality of what you’re building, contact Briab to get help from our inspection and construction control team.

What can we do for your project?

Contact us. We will tell you more about inspection and construction control at Briab.

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