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New Technologies

Co-creation and new technologies

Briab New Technologies’ mission is to develop the methods and technologies of the future to make community building more efficient and sustainable. We also take risk management and resilience to a new level in an increasingly complex and changing society. From our origins with the focus on design and construction, we now see the need and opportunities in industry, infrastructure, the public sector and, not least, the management of properties and buildings. Our strengths are our power of innovation, business understanding and ability to apply new technologies. The best way to solve society’s challenges is through co-creation.


Digitised fire protection – the key to collaboration and increased sustainability

Fire safety and the demands of society have largely focused on follow-up control and not quality assurance that permeates the process. Many of the risk analyses that are conducted become mere snapshots that gradually lose their value. Properties are around for a long time, and fire safety is challenged when the business is adapted based on new requirements. This is something we need to become better at dealing with. Fire safety documentation and SBA binders are of little help to us with that. Digitisation offers completely different opportunities, especially when we are able to integrate fire safety more broadly and create real added value for end-users. Read more about our work on digitising fire safety at



New materials – wood leads the way

Building more with wood is important to maximise the potential climate benefit of our forests. Wooden houses store carbon dioxide for long periods of time, while new trees replace old ones and continue their uptake. The emissions from manufacturing are also significantly lower for wood than for many other building materials. From a broader perspective, wooden construction is not only important but also absolutely necessary to meet the climat commitments Sweden made when it said that it will be fossil-free by 2045 (Paris Agreement). However, building with wood presents challenges, not least from a fire safety perspective. On the one hand, it is about technical challenges and, on the other, it is about attitudes and perceptions. At Briab, we have been working on the issue for several years and have extensive expertise and experience.

The Forest, Sveriges paviljong på EXPO2020 Dubai

Photo: Alessandro Ripellino
Architects/Studio Adrien Gardère/Luigi Pardo Architetti

Improved work processes offer opportunities

Briab’s mission – we turn uncertainty into opportunities through innovative and efficient solutions that improve processes, reduce costs and create security. Our mission drives us to question and analyse today’s working methods with the goal of leading our industry forwards. There are enormous opportunities to reduce today’s resource waste and reduce errors and carelessness. New improved ways of working will almost certainly be decisive to working smarter with new materials and technologies towards more sustainable community building. Briab is at the forefront of a number of projects and collaborations both nationally and internationally through standardisation, regulation and education.


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