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This is Briab

Always developing, always improving

Since its founding in 2002, Briab has grown in line with our customers' trust and our employees' engagement. Just in the past three years we have tripled our capacity to create benefits for our customers, and we see no signs of this changing in the future. We are firmly committed to leading developments in our sector. To being the best. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

#tillsammansframåt (forwardtogether) from day one

On Wednesday the second of October, 2002, a group of work colleagues started what they called BRIAB. The main reasons for founding the company were how much they enjoyed working together, and the desire to create something great on their own. But also to carve out more space for their shared ambition – to develop and evolve. And this has intensified over the years. Breaking new ground and developing together are key ingredients in the Briab of today.

Briab Academy

Value-driven tech consultants – do they exist?

At Briab they do. We put it like this: we have “sharp minds and big hearts”. But Briab doesn’t just employ tech consultants, our staff has a wide range of skill-sets, which blend to help our customers achieve their goals. Common to all of us are the values that we have agreed upon, and that inform everything we do. Below is a presentation of these values. But remember, the important thing isn’t words on a website, but that we live by them.

Our Vision

Lead, don’t follow!
Lead through thoughts, lead through action, lead through innovation, lead through our own development.

Our mission

Driven by our customers’ goals, we work innovatively with risk, so that uncertainty can be turned into opportunity. With creativity and expertise, we create unique values, and with our way of being we add energy and the capacity to innovate.

Our cornerstones

The desire to be best

We want to be, and we know that we can be, the best at what we do. It’s our duty to make use of our combined expertise, and to aim as high as possible.


Understanding how we earn trust, and how to spread trust to others – this is what keeps our business alive. It builds creativity, self-confidence, joy and everything else that enables us to be the best.

A passion for discovery

The satisfaction of discovering how we can do things better – this is present in everything we do. From minor, everyday details to ground-breaking solutions for large customers and impressive projects. In the small details we lay the foundation for the big improvements.

Quality and environment

Briab has a well-established quality and environmental management system, certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Plus, for several years, the management system has also included the working environment. As part of Briab’s environment and sustainability activities, Briab carbon-offsets all its calculated emissions annually.

Gender equality and diversity

In the sector where Briab does business, men are  in a clear majority, especially in senior positions. This is the case at Briab as well. But we see the enormous potential of achieving gender equality and increasing the number of women in leadership roles. Our ambition is to bring in a range of experiences and backgrounds, because this stimulates innovation, growth and the creation of the services of tomorrow. Briab’ s diversity plan says we should reflect the makeup of society. Our efforts to achieve a more even balance between women and men is underway, as is our work to attract people with new skill-sets, and preferably with a non-Swedish background. Our diversity goal is to be achieved by 2020, and we have everything to gain by achieving it even earlier.

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Handling of personal information (GDPR)

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB collect and manages your personal data to provide products and services for you, to inform you of news and updates concerning our products and services and to adapt your experience of out digital presence and to improve our products and services.

At any time, you have the right to access, correct or delete your personal data with us and to object to our use of your data. You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the following address

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB commit to respect and protect your personal data and integrity according to applicable laws and regulations, business codes and relevant norms. We never disclose your personal data without your consent.

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