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An experienced team within the team

Today, Briab Products & Solutions offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of emergency lighting and reference signs on the market, and we plan to continue adding to the range on-demand and help our customers become better and more efficient. At Products & Solutions, we have extensive experience of evacuation and the product range. Together with our colleagues in other areas of expertise at Briab, we dare to say that we’re in a class of our own.


Emergency lighting

Emergency lighting is part of the fire safety system of a building. Its purpose is to make evacuation in the event of a fire or accident as safe and quick as possible. If the power in the building goes out, the emergency lighting takes over. Our comprehensive range offers solutions for most environments and requirements, and together with our expertise and solid experience, we create efficient and reliable systems for the safety of everyone.

Reference lighting

Reference lighting, which is emergency lighting with directional indicators (pictograms), must be fitted in premises where orientation can be difficult or that do not let in natural light. Our range offers solutions for all types of environments and operational needs. Whether it’s a centrally fed monitored system or battery-powered devices, we have the competence and products to make our customers’ buildings safe and secure

Monitored emergency lighting systems

Our smart and effective monitored systems FZLV and Rubic Una offer control, quality and efficiency in the maintenance of emergency lighting in customers’ buildings. Fire Zone Low Voltage, FZLV, is a centrally fed 24V system for monitoring emergency lighting fittings that combines the benefits of centralised and decentralised monitoring systems with the safety and flexibility of a central battery system. Rubic Una is the latest and most advanced system for controlling and monitoring emergency and reference lighting.



A handheld searchlight can act as a mobile emergency lighting unit and is a good solution for demanding evacuations where extra powerful lighting may be needed. Talk to us if you have any questions and requirements over and above our current product range. With our expertise and experience in the area we can help you find solutions beyond our existing range.

Emergency power centres

Suitable for operating emergency lighting installations or other systems that require reliable uninterruptible power. A good example is the state-of-the-art, reliable, and easy-to-use central battery system CBS-E, a central power supply system designed in accordance with VDE 0108 as well as SS-EN 50171 and SS-EN 62034. The system can monitor circuits, light fittings, and configurations in a mixed set-up. CBS is equipped with a control unit that monitors the operation of the whole system and archives all information about events that occur together with the system status.

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