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Business policy

This is what drives us and our company in the right direction

Briab’s vision and mission is our driving force and what we strive for. Our business policy provides the basis for how we conduct our work and operations to ensure that our drive and aspirations are achievable and meaningful.

Samarbete och samverkan på Briab

Environment and sustainability

We are dependent on the world around us, and we expect this to place certain demands on us. Simply protecting the environment and climate is not enough; through our actions and the services we provide, we will make a long-term contribution to a sustainable and prosperous world.

At Briab, we have realised that our greatest environmental impact comes from how we work in our projects. By reducing construction mistakes, working to minimise risks, and implementing smart solutions, we are reducing our impact on the environment. We also believe in practising what we preach, which is why we try to reduce our direct environmental impact as well as offset our calculated emissions. But sustainability is not only about the climate and environment, we also contribute towards social sustainability by working actively on diversity.



The laws and regulations that apply to our industry are not a limitation; they are a springboard from which to turn uncertainty into opportunity.

It may sound obvious that we should follow laws and regulations in society, but it can also be an attitude. At Briab, we believe in the good of a regulated society and that corruption and untrustworthy businesses distort the market and work against a sustainable and innovative society.

Work environment

Being a leader places great demands on our employees, and they have the right to make great demands of us in return. For us, it’s essential that our staff are motivated and can flourish.

Our employees are our greatest asset; having motivated staff who are constantly developing allows us to be leaders rather than followers. But to drive development, you need to be able to thrive and feel that you can develop. That’s why we not only have generous working conditions but also are attentive to how our staff are feeling and work actively to introduce them to new work tasks, promote their careers and develop them as leaders.


At Briab, we turn uncertainty into opportunity through innovative and effective solutions that constantly improve our processes, reduce costs and provide security for us and our customers, allowing us all to focus on business. Our management system helps to facilitate this mission.

Through organisation, we’re better able to innovate and be visionary. At Briab, we have routines and processes that are certified according to ISO 9001 for quality and ISO 14001 for the environment. Work environment is also included in our management system, and we even have a process for leading rather than following. Our routines and processes are regularly followed up by management and staff internally and externally by auditors and consultants.

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Handling of personal information (GDPR)

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB collect and manages your personal data to provide products and services for you, to inform you of news and updates concerning our products and services and to adapt your experience of out digital presence and to improve our products and services.

At any time, you have the right to access, correct or delete your personal data with us and to object to our use of your data. You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the following address

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB commit to respect and protect your personal data and integrity according to applicable laws and regulations, business codes and relevant norms. We never disclose your personal data without your consent.

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