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Fire, water and burglary

Active, conscious work

Briab’s business concept is to turn threats into opportunities in the ongoing work with risks in companies and operations. We do this by working proactively, taking a holistic approach to the situation.


Active and conscious work to prevent fire, damage, break-ins and other risks in properties can make a huge difference and deliver considerable savings. The results include better housing, heightened quality of life and greater security. Together with your organization, we can leverage our skills and experience to improve your results, while also increasing security on an everyday basis.


Some examples of services offered by Briab:

Measures for reducing cost of damage

Together with your property management service, we carry out a risk analysis and we identify the faults, accidents and damage that cost money and time. From this analysis we put together an action plan for minimizing costs. The plan also includes long-term measures that reduce the risk of major accidents such as large fires.

Description of risk for insurance purposes

We conduct a full analysis of your operations and present a description of the risks of damage to property and damage due to interruptions. The description makes it easier to get an overview of the risks, to evaluate the risks and to make well-grounded decisions when it comes to measures for risk management and the scope of insurance cover.

Inspection of burglary protection and security

We go through all protective measures, from location relative to the surroundings, to construction and hardware. We check doors, windows, walls, locks and alarms, to ensure that they all fulfill the insurer’s requirements. Our assessments are presented in an over-arching report, together with any suggestions for improvements.


Systematic fire protection work

We help you to meet legislation regarding accident protection (LSO in Sweden) and to develop a systematic fire protection work (in Sweden in accordance with SRVFS 2004:3). We start by analyzing the operations and the fire risks, then we propose how you can organize yourselves and work on securing the physical and organizational fire protection. We can also propose measures based on the organization’s resources in the form of, for instance, finances and time, and we can help you prioritize risks, so you can meet the  legislation regarding accident protection (LSO).

Safety and personal injury

All businesses and organizations have uncertainties to manage. Personal injury can be caused by falls, hot water, fire and threats. Starting out from an analysis of the operations and its risks, we present a proposal for how you can organize yourselves, and work to avoid risks.

Crowd Management – from temporary to recurring events

Social gatherings such as company parties, concerts or sports events mean that large numbers of people gather in one place. This results in various risks. Having lots of people crowded into a limited space can lead to accidents. A temporary indoor event can require custom solutions, because the rented building might not be suited to the event. In Swedish legislation, there is no single law that covers all types of event safety. One must consult laws regarding protection against accidents (2003:778), work environment (1977:1160) and public order (1993:1617). We can assist you with safety at your event, from analyzing how to manage crowds to investigating the need for technical and organizational measures. Read more about our Crowd Management offer here.

Fire design in renovation and extension

Our experts can provide assistance and information in connection with renovation and extension work, so you can rest assured that it meets building regulations.

Project management in renovation and extension

We provide project management support for renovation and extension work. Our Project team management concept enables better handling of project risk, which minimizes construction errors, delays and unpredicted budget deviations. Read more about Project team management here.

Handling of inflammable goods

Our risk experts can help you minimize risks and requirement specifications related to legislation on inflammable and explosive goods. We conduct risk analyses, coordinate applications and train supervisors.

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