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Greater security and cost efficiency

We work every day to help our customers turn threats into opportunities. Take advantage of our many years’ experience in risk management, and let us help you in insurance-related matters, so you can feel secure in your decision-making.

Risk management involves many different parties, from your own employees and customers to external parties like suppliers and insurance companies. We take a comprehensive approach, where the insurance part is evaluated and balanced with the concrete and preventive work, in an efficient way.The experience and knowledge of our risk experts will help you bring all involved parties together, leading them towards greater security and cost efficiency.


Some examples of the services Briab offers:

Risk analysis for insurance

We conduct a full analysis of your operations, and present a description of the risks of property damage and business interruption. The description makes it easier to overview the risk scenario, conduct a risk assessment and make well-founded decisions regarding measures for risk management and the scope of your insurance cover.

Risk cost analysis

The risk cost of your operations, that is, the sum of all the expenses for claims and cover, is an important parameter for good decision-making. We can help you analyze and assess the total risk cost, and develop an action plan that gives you control over risks and claims.

Burglary protection and security systems

Burglary protection and security systems must align with the insurer’s protection classes and security requirements. The responsibility for this is the company’s. If you do not have this in order, you risk losing all compensation from the insurance company, e.g. in case of a burglary. We help you ensure that your business meets the requirements.

Insurance assessment of building

We have considerable experience of calculating insurance amounts using accepted industry methods. An accurately valued property is one of the cornerstones of efficient insurance cover. An inaccurate valuation can end up very costly.


 Assessment of interruption risk

Assessing the risk of business interruption is about identifying and understanding critical processes and dependencies faced by you, as well as by your suppliers. Our experienced risk experts help you to analyze the risk of business interruption, and to put together a continuity plan after consultation with your organization.

Claim investigation

A claim investigation is a systematic study where you get help with determining the course of events and the origin of the claim. The investigation helps you and your business to learn from what happened. It is also an investment in the future, because it leads to changes in behavior and to solutions that can prevent similar occurrences in the future.

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