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The right strategy – from the start

Fire protection is such an important part of a building's systems that at Briab we have realized that we can improve the entire design phase if we are involved from the start, implementing a comprehensive approach.


At Briab we have created a separate department for building systems. This is unique, as we can design ventilation and plumbing in a way that doesn’t only consider energy performance, noise and indoor climate. We have some of Sweden’s most knowledgeable experts in ventilation fire protection, and by combining this with overall responsibility for design, we can generate lots of savings.

Reducing risk and costs

By taking a holistic approach to the design, we can minimize the number of costly fire-technical installations and fire insulation. We can also minimize project risks; for instance incorrectly designed installations can, in the worst case, result in expensive delays and postponed occupation.

What we can do for your project:
  • Design of heating, ventilation and sanitation systems
  • Design of both plumbing and air installations
  • Ventilation design – Analyses of ventilation fire protection
  • Design in both an AutoCAD and Revit, for easier coordination in 3D
  • Optimization of ventilation fire protection and fire analyses
  • Energy balance calculations in IDA
  • Analyses for avoiding bypass and backdraft damper
  • Calculation of smoke evacuation
  • Pressure calculations ??  of stairwell and elevator shaft (Trycksättningsberäkningar av trapphus och hisschakt)
  • Calculation of pressurized and non-pressurized standpipes
  • Management of all matters related to kitchen extractor ducts
  • Optimization of fire insulation requirements for both piping and air installations

Cost efficiency without compromising quality

The challenge and the aim of every design job is, together with our clients, to design as advantageous systems as possible. Requirements vary from case to case. With ventilation jobs, it is about creating a system that meets both client requirements and legislation, with as few cost-driving and complicated fire-technical installations as possible, e.g. fire dampers, backdraft dampers, smoke detectors, bypasses and smoke fans. And without compromising low noise and good energy values in terms of SFP and heat exchange.

Standard thinking isn’t enough

A number of improvements can be made by consciously and innovatively liberating ourselves from old “truths” and outdated solutions. Roughly speaking, fire protection products and insulation account for more than 50% of costs in a ventilation installation. Despite this, most systems are designed and built using standard methods, which often results in overdimensioning and unneccessarily high costs. Our job is to create a system that uses only what is necessary. Getting it right, from the start.

The right tools

At Briab we use tools like AutoCad and Revit for calculations and design of building systems. We can work in BIM or in a conventional environment, and can now manage the entire design of building systems, from enquiry documentation to final as-built documentation.

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