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Fire Safety Design

Fire Safety Design that meets requirements, fosters security and seizes opportunities

Fire safety is commonly seen as a requirement. We see it as an opportunity to create added value – and security. Effective fire Safety Design does not only meet legislative requirements, it provides security for the people who live in, work in or visit your property.


Fire Safety Engineering

In new construction or renovation, fire protection can be seen as a problematic, uncertain factor. But properly managed, it need not put limitations on the building’s design. And it does not have to make the design more expensive, or delay occupation. Briab’s fire safety experts have many years’ experience of all types of projects and clients. We offer support and skills at every important stage of the project. From preliminary studies to final fire safety specification.

In the film and the text below, we present briefly what we offer in fire safety design. We encourage you to contact us regarding your challenges. As every project is unique, it will be interesting to hear from you!

Analytical dimensioning

At Briab we have a high level of expertise and experience in analytical dimensioning of fire safety. Some buildings must always be verified with analytical dimensioning, such as buildings requiring extra protection. The method is also applicable to complex projects, and where new technology and innovative solutions mean that simplified dimensioning is not sufficient to secure adequate fire safety.

For instance, we offer evacuation dimensioning, advanced smoke filling calculations and radiation calculations. At Briab we work with the most advanced tools on the market.

Load-bearing constructions

By leveraging our skills and experience there are huge gains to be made, when dimension the load-bearing constructions in a building. It is common that fire protection ends up unnecessarily extensive and costly if standard solutions are used, and design can suffer.

We have extensive experience of fire protection in load-bearing constructions, and can offer:

  • Guidance and assessment of required fire safety for individual components as well as entire constructions.
  • Assessment of existing constructions and proposals for reinforcement.
  • Dimensioning of the construction’s load-bearing capacity, re: fire load, temperature, utilization degree and/or profile type.
  • Dimensioning of required volume of fire protection paint or covering, and proposals for any changes to selection of beam profiles and column profiles, to optimize fire protection.
  • Provide support and advice to project manager, designers and builders, throughout construction process.
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SAK3 certified experts

At Briab we have the most SAK3 certified experts in the industry. So if the local building committee deems that your or the client’s self inspection is not sufficient, you can confidently turn to us.

 Ventilation fire protection

The challenge and the aim of every design job is to, together with our clients, design the most advantageous systems possible. Requirements vary from case to case. For ventilation design, it is almost always about creating a system that meets requirements and legislation with as few cost-driving and complicated fire-technical installations as possible, such as fire dampers, backdraft dampers, smoke detectors, bypasses and smoke fans. Without compromising low noise and good energy levels, with regards to SFP and heat exchange.

Read more about Briab’s offer in MEP design here at

Systematic fire protection work

As responsible for operations and properties, according to legislation (which can vary according to region), you are responsible for ensuring that adequate and ongoing fire protection work is carried out. At Briab we have extensive experience of helping our clients meet requirements. In close and constructive collaboration, we can help you with an inventory of your building’s/facility’s fire protection. We conduct thorough risk assessments and develop action plans and guides. And last but not least, another key component of systematic fire protection is the training of your staff. So it is about much more than just meeting legal requirements. It is about lives.

Fire safety during the build

A fire at a construction site is normally very costly. In the worst case it can affect staff, but constructions can also be destroyed. The reasons for a fire can be quite simple things that are easy to overlook in such a highly dynamic environment. Briab offers, through Briab Inspection and Construction Control, regular checks and a constructive dialog with site management that secures operation of fire protection during the construction period.

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BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. Put simply, it means that you create a digital 3D model for design and visualization, so that all available information about the buildings, processes and decisions that are part of the project are gathered in one place. But BIM has also come to refer to the process itself, which involves features including:

  • Visualization in a virtual environment
  • Project management tool, clash detection and coordination
  • Simulations
  • Information management
  • Calculation
  • Production checks

At Briab, we work actively to shift the discipline of fire protection over to the BIM environment, and will regularly launch tools and methods for greater efficiency and quality.

Research and Development

R&D at Briab is a link between theory and practice, between new understanding and practical application. With our background and networks in academia, and our focus on innovation and on advancing the industry, we have a unique opportunity to question and re-evaluate accepted methods, and to add new knowledge.

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