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Risk Management

On the right side of risk

By working proactively with risk management, faults that lead to increased costs and delays in projects and/or the operation are minimised. Our driving force is to help our customers put themselves on the right side of risk; we do that every day – all the year-round!


Risk Management

We work proactively with our customers to prevent problems in projects or the operation. But not everything can be predicted or prioritised for plans – such as the impact of the coronavirus on people, operations and society that we are seeing right now. However, we can still work proactively in an unexpected situation by reviewing the work going forwards and putting in place measures to minimise impact. This includes being able to work looking forwards, maintain quality and a nice work environment digitally, and to review the playing field in order to work efficiently. To support and help sort and prioritise, we have developed a flexible workshop that we can hold online and in which we can support the operation so it can progress.

Project risk management

Project risk management is a central part of our customers’ operations, whatever their type, as almost everyone now works in project form. We support our customers with planning and analysis to minimise risk and deficiencies in project implementations. We also help with the learning and feedback process for and in the project organisation and the customer’s operations.

Folkmassa Riskhantering

Response planning

Response planning is about being prepared in the event of a fire or other accident so the emergency services and the business can put in place a quick, safe and efficient response. Briab helps customers draw up physical and digital response plans and, more importantly, assists with the central response planning.


Crisis Management

Briab offers crisis management to customers in many different types of operations: convenience goods trade, manufacturing industry, construction industry, etc. Our customers have different needs, as their operations face different challenges. A central part is that we provide support as an external resource with expertise in the area before, during, and after a crisis arises.

Risk Manager

Our experts provide resource support to customers when defining, developing, or taking on the role of Risk Manager. The responsibilities of the role include the overall risk management of the operation. This involves ensuring both internal and external requirements together with rational risk management.

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