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Project Management

At Briab it's called Project team management

Our country and its building sector have a challenge ahead. Not only that some 700,000 dwellings are to be built by 2025. But it has to be done more efficiently and sustainably. Productivity has to increase, and resource utilization must be reduced. All of this means we have to find new ways of thinking and working.


Innovative thinking – to get more out of project management

Active risk management, clearer communication and a more constructive, inspiring leadership – these are what’s needed to complete the construction projects of the future securely and efficiently. Those three critical areas directly affect profitability and quality, in every phase of the project. If we can make better use of them, the results will come.

We offer the following services:

• Project management

• Design management

• Project risk management

• Construction management

• Tenant coordination

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Three aces beat a stressed king

Which is why good project management at Briab consists of a tight, well-functioning collaboration. And according to a large number of project managers in the construction industry, that is what many of them want to be. The stress of possibly not having time for everything is far too common to not do anything about it. So we did – and as a result we are offering Project team management.

Three experts, working together

The project team manager:

Trains, coaches, guides and develops the project team and the client. Is closest to the client, but also to those carrying out the work.

The project controller:

Administration, structure and order.
 Conveyance of structural communication and information.

Project risk manager:

Plans, analyzes and minimizes risk and insecurity management, as well as the causes of errors and shortcomings in implementation.

Work more intelligently and efficiently – with system support

Briab works continuously to create more space for the things that best benefit the human side of projects. If something can be done more efficiently by systems and computers, then that is how it should be done. The aim is to free up space and energy for creativity, engagement and simply to get time to do the things you are best at.


At Briab, BIM capacity and BIM skills are the information hub that continually secure investments and progress made in every phase of the project.

Scientifically based risk analysis:

Briab’s R&D department in Malmö complements the extensive experience of Briab’s Project risk managers.

Leadership, group development and learning

The insight that “human knowledge” comes before technology is what guides Briab’s methodology. Leadership, team development, participation and learning are not simply catch-phrases, they are reality, and tools for better implementations and higher quality.

The following courses can be given, following an assessment of requirements together with the client:

Certification course: Briab Project team management

Aim: to quality-assure our supply capability, and create communicable value that can follow the Project team leader throughout his/her career.

Orderer and steering group development

Course together with client organization.

Project participant

– communication and collaboration

Course together with client organization and other sub-contractors.

Teambuilding and partnering

Course together with client organization and other sub-contractors.

Efficient workshops

Course and development work, together with client organization and other sub-contractors, in structured and tested processes.

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