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Briab Bimfire Suite – a groundbreaking digital platform for fire safety information

It is finally time for us to reveal what we at Briab have been working on over the past two years. In October we launched the first part of Briab Bimfire Suite – the next generation digital platform for fire safety. The platform is based on years of insights from our clients’ challenges; our research and innovation projects; and our desire to be industry leaders

Briab Bimfire Suite

Getting fire safety into the BIM environment in our own projects was a huge step for us and in stark contrast to the traditional process in the construction industry. Learning from this we have created a revolutionary digitalized working method for better and smarter fire safety. It’s a method that isn’t just about designing with BIM – it will also disrupt how we have traditionally worked with fire safety. From design to operation, and maintenance. In Sweden, in the Nordic region, and internationally.

Automated, integrated workflow

Our first refinement of today’s traditional work method is that we create new, intelligent processes and new tools for a better workflow. The starting point is working with fire safety in a structured way, independent of a project´s level of BIM, and catering for fire safety to be a natural part in the design process.

With our new digital products, we get the right information straight into a fire safety model, and may synchronize all the fire safety information for a building. We may manage this information in digital platforms, without the architect or other designers having to decipher our reports, technical specifications or fire safety sketches. The immediate results: a faster, more secure and more efficient workflow.

Improved communication and collaboration

With fire safety requirements in a more digitalized form, we – and others in a project – can effectively review the ongoing design and carry out clash detection with other designers. We can steer the workflow and ensure that every object has the right parameters and values. Inspections and final controls can be done more efficiently, and most of all, we can gather information for fire safety during operation and maintenance. Throughout the chain, we can communicate and make fire safety data accessible, adapting the information to the recipient. We know from our own experience that inefficient communication is one of the biggest problems with traditional procedures. In the construction industry, up to 40% of working hours is spent on searching for, securing or correcting missing or insufficient information. Our digital platform revolutionizes information management and improves communication. It’s not hard to see the benefits and the opportunities for the industry, and for society as a whole.

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Digitalization revolutionizes the traditional work process

Our goal was to achieve better and more robust fire safety for the entire life cycle of a building. For the development, we started out from today’s work processes and identified weaknesses and challenges. We will soon see requirements from government agencies for fire safety in BIM and the first country will probably be the U.K. Regardless of regulations or not, as the industry has already realized what needs to happen. But it’s not until now, that we can start to work smart with fire safety.

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Time and effort are lost in inefficient communication and slow information exchanges. Project changes and revisions lead to timetables and budgets being exceeded, and that we build in faults, that are not discovered until well into the operation of a building. We are all too familiar with these repetitious duties and challenges; they have been part of our daily routine for almost 20 years. We saw the broad-based digitalization that is underway in the building industry as a golden opportunity to take responsibility. Our profession has both consciously and unconsciously hidden behind complicated language with unclear roles. Our industry is characterized by high levels of expertise and engagement in what we do, but we have not questioned how we do it. In this respect we are not alone: the building industry worldwide is guilty of the same oversight. In 2015, McKinsey wrote that the inefficient global building sector could improve the world economy by approximately 2% (USD 1,600 billion), simply by being as productive as the average of other sectors. The core of Briab Bimfire Suite is better requirement specification, improved detailed design and compliance. The solution makes it easier to streamline the design process and ensure compliance in a digital format in accordance with current BIM processes.

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