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The unbroken information chain for fire protection

Briab and Peab, a major Swedish building company, are starting a new project this month: “The unbroken information chain for fire protection”. It will run for 20 months and show how we can develop fire protection to the next level by testing our work methods and functionality in live projects. The possibilities are huge, and it will facilitate coordination with other disciplines, and increase the quality of the building process. Fire protection will be easier to communicate to other parties, and the information will be adapted to the recipient

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Fire protection and BIM is a hot topic, and it appears that the U.K. will be the first country to require BIM for fire protection in certain buildings. Parallel with this is a proposed requirement that key datasets for fire protection must accompany the building over time. The U.K. will also be the first country to demand digital requirement setting and information management. The background is the 2017 Grenfell Tower fire, and the huge failings that were subsequently revealed in the British system of building regulation and control. Digitalization is seen as a precondition for creating safe buildings.

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Towards the unbroken flow – from specification of requirements to building management
In the models we currently use for BIM and fire protection, we’re still missing a few pieces of the puzzle. Today we work with digitally creating the specification of requirements which is partially automated. In the project we will take this one step further: we will also include development and testing of a compliance model. The model enables us to verify that the requirements are actually met. This means we can work in an unbroken information flow, and ensure that initial project requirements are actually carried right through to the building management phase. For instance, a clearer specification of requirements makes it easier to match the requirements with products, systems and solutions.

Testing on live projects
In the project we will use our digital tools for fire protection, and show that it is possible to maintain an unbroken information flow. We will work on actual ongoing building projects, and test solutions to manage fire protection information, e.g. in a BIM environment. We will use the evaluations to increase our experience base and propose how these digital tools can be developed further. We will also look at how the building industry can collaborate better together. Digitalization also means greater global exchange, which is why the project will look at international standards such as European standardization (CEN) and international BIM standardization (buildingSMART).

Briab and Peab in Smart Built Environment
The project runs from September 2019 to the spring of 2021, and is part of the strategic innovation program Smart Built Environment, funded by Vinnova (Sweden’s Innovation Agency), the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas (Swedish Research Council for Sustainable Development). Half of the project budget is based on contributions from the participants Briab and Peab, where experts in building, fire protection and digitalization are included in the working group. The group also includes Nicholas Alvén, who has worked as a BIM strategist in the private sector, as well as at Boverket (the Swedish National Board of Housing, Building and Planning).

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