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The right side of risk

Under current circumstances, our motto "The right side of risk" feels both relevant and applicable, and perhaps even more critical to live by than ever.


In fact, nothing in today’s situation has changed or impaired our common ability to drive our projects and plans forward. Together with our clients, we build a sustainable and strong society and we have all the capabilities to manage the risks with Covid-19 in a way that allows us to do so. The responsibility rests with us to move our mission forward, even if conditions are a bit more complicated than usual.

Let’s adapt, not delay
At Briab we make the assessment that most of what we do can and should work as usual. The challenge is all about finding the right paths together with our clients to do so. We do not, unnecessarily, want to lose time and opportunities to keep moving forward.

It’s almost unnecessary to say – we postpone personal meetings in ”IRL” (In Real Life) as much as possible until it is recommended again. However, when it´s necessary to sit down together, we believe that we will have the knowledge and discipline to do it so in a safe and sound way. Common sense, smaller groups, the right distance, thorough hygiene, and that let’s save handshakes for later. Not so difficult, really!

Digital Meetings – let’s make it happen!
Right now, we are working intensively to direct as much work and meetings to digital communications as we possibly can. Your contact person at Briab will probably contact you soon to plan for digital collaboration. If you need help from us and our IT department to get it right, then please let us know. We really want to get to it as fast and smooth as possible.

Precautionary actions at Briab
Internal measures at Briab include working from home to the greatest extent possible and we recommend digital meetings, both internally and externally. In addition, we minimize business trips domestically as well as cancel all trips abroad. Finally, quarantine applies after returning from a stay abroad and we encourage all employees to comply with the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other authorities. These decisions is about socially contributing to a reduction in travel and limiting the spread of public infection.


Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions. We stay available.

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Handling of personal information (GDPR)

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB collect and manages your personal data to provide products and services for you, to inform you of news and updates concerning our products and services and to adapt your experience of out digital presence and to improve our products and services.

At any time, you have the right to access, correct or delete your personal data with us and to object to our use of your data. You can exercise your rights by sending an e-mail to the following address

Briab – Brand & Riskingenjörerna AB commit to respect and protect your personal data and integrity according to applicable laws and regulations, business codes and relevant norms. We never disclose your personal data without your consent.

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