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Going Digital in the Face of Covid-19

Lead, not follow. When society is facing and crisis, it is of great importance that we do not stop but with caution move forward. Adaptation has been a key word for how we want to face the pandemic that is spreading across the world. It requires that we think new and are prepared to change our way of working under new conditions. One such example is a digital inventory we conducted the week before Easter weekend.

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Each case is unique and requires its own measures and solutions. In this case, it was an inventory of a customer with whom we had a long-standing collaboration. Under the given circumstances, we saw the potential for an inventory of video calls. There was already a scheduled meeting here, and none of the parties wanted to stop the process if it could be avoided. There were several reasons why this particular inventory could be done remotely:

  1. Good contact with the client and a long-term cooperation. Since our consultants know the client and their needs, staff and premises, there were good prerequisites before the inventory was to be made.
  2. The customer had both the opportunity and the will to try to transfer the physical visit to a digital video call.
  3. The current inventory involved a smaller number of truck loading sites, and followed a detailed checklist. The very clear assignment with specific limitations indicated that a digital inventory could take place.

The inventory was made over Microsoft teams, a program that was already used by both parties and can be downloaded as an app on the phone. Preparing by carefully reviewing the inventory template and checklist, the risk of misunderstanding was reduced and both parties were well acquainted with how the inventory would proceed. During the video call, it was easy to jump out and photograph the objects that needed to be documented.

We are happy we were able to find new ways to work forward, and help our customer do the same. However, we would like to emphasize that it is important to find a solution that is specially adapted to the current case. Today’s situation means that we face challenges we have not previously encountered, it tests our problem-solving ability and every new situation means that we need to rethink. But, thinking new also means that we move forward and learn new things.

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