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The Notre-Dame fire

After 9 hours of intensive firefighting the fire was finally contained and controlled and the word was, even though much damage was caused, that all was not catastrophic. Notre-Dame de Paris shall be rebuilt, stated Emmanuel Macron and "the worst" had been avoided. Thanks to a well co-ordinated and efficient operation by more than 400 firefighters invaluable treasures had been saved at the same time the fire was contained. Briabs Public Affairs Manager, Michael Strömgren, is present in Paris and will be reporting from the scene the next few days.

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The Notre-Dame fire is a wake up call for us. Our cultural heritage is fragile and great values can be destroyed from one day to the other. The french firefighters have skillfully rescued enormous values and hopefully this epic landmark can be restored, in time, to it’s full.

Michael reflects:

– Notre-Dame is a monumental building and has dear and important meaning to many people. My family and I are often in Paris both for work and in private and the cathedral always impresses. A Paris without Notre-Dame is unthinkable.

The protection of our cultural and historic treasures is important and a part of our responsibility to future generations. But that responsibility is always at risk of being neglected and downplayed. Often it is a matter of resources and short sighted reasoning. Therefore, it is extremely important to learn from these unfortunate occasions. At the same time, we really need to accentuate the importance of the pro-active preventive work which needs to be improved. If there is anything we’ve learned through the years, it is the strength and fortitude of Parisians in overcoming hardship and threats, so they will this time to. Now it is time to understand,  learn and grow from what’s has happened and together find ways to prevent this from happening yet again. We’ll continue reporting as things progress.

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