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Erik Bryngelsson, KTH Royal Institute of Technology


Tell us about your hopes and expectations ahead of your time in NXT

I study technical chemistry, and was interested in how we view the risks involved with chemical handling and the chemical process industry. I hadn’t read that much about it, but I understood it was very important and sometimes complicated. My hope was to gain an insight into and practical experience of working with risk management. I expected to learn lots, but also to be able to apply what I already had learnt at KTH.

Did it live up to your expectations?

My summer at Briab definitely exceeded my expectations. In addition to the practical experience in risk management and risk analysis, I got to work with developing new methods and tools for the work. I worked in many different projects, had lots of responsibility, and was in charge of client contacts at a very early stage. My boss and my supervisor trusted that I could do a good job, and they felt confident in giving me challenges. That felt good. I got the opportunity to learn all sorts of things, and to develop. Also, I had a lot of freedom in terms of which project I chose to get involved in, and how much I felt I could manage.

Tell us about what you worked with, and how you found it. And about any particular challenges, unexpected occurrences etc.

I got to work in a number of projects. One was about developing documentation such as risk analyses and classification plans for various businesses. Working so close to current requirements and legislation, and so close to the client, was completely new to me, and I learned a lot from it. I also worked on internal projects dealing with the development of new methods and optimization of existing tools. It was great to work with development; I hadn’t expected this because I haven’t finished my engineering degree yet.

What was most fun and most rewarding?

Firstly, it was really great to get to know all the NXTers and everyone who works at the office. With such a friendly, inclusive working environment, it’s always fun to come to work. Plus, I’ve learnt a lot from coming in contact with other people’s experiences and skill-sets. Secondly it has been fantastic to work with so many different things. Devleopment of new risk analysis methods, interpretation and implementation of legislation, technical problem-solving, client contact and programming – it was quite a wide range of duties, and I liked that. It seems like a good reflection of what a consultant does.

Do you think we practice what we preach at Briab? What about “Lead, don’t follow”, and #forwardtogether?

Getting so much responsibility and trust, and getting to work with development as a trainee, I think that reflects Briab’s spirit of leading, not following. And that the whole company works to go forward, together. You learn from each other and you’re not afraid of stepping out into the unknown.

How is it being back at university? Have you been able to work remotely yet? Has it worked for you?

I study in Stockholm, so I’ve been able to come into the office and work about one day a week. Being able to keep working alongside my studies is worth a lot to me, and it’s fun. Briab makes it clear that school comes first, so you don’t have to feel any pressure. You decide yourself how much you can and want to work.

Thanks for speaking to us, Erik, and all the best for the future!

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