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Protection against vehicle attacks – a new urban reality

In recent years we have seen an increasing number of terror attacks that use a vehicle as the weapon. The attacks have created an urgent need for new knowledge and methods in the planning and managing of public spaces and contexts where attacks could occur. The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions has published a guide where Petter Säterhed, head of Crowd Management på Briab, has been editor and contributor.

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In the past, when municipalities have worked with traffic and urban planning, the principal aim has been good vehicle accessibility and a pleasant urban environment. However, recent terror attacks, which use vehicles as weapons, place new demands on urban planning. In the fall of 2018, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions published a guide, in Swedish, called “Skydd mot fordonsattacker”.

“The guide provides concrete tips and support for how we, both in the long and short term, can reduce our vulnerability to vehicle attacks,” says Petter Säterhed, head of Crowd Management at Briab. Together with Sebastian Ihre from WSP, Petter is head author and editor of the publication.

When people talk about protection against vehicle attacks, they typically envisage heavy concrete items, black metal bollards or other obvious obstacles. But these aren’t the only options.

“When you plan an urban space, it’s important not to think in isolation, but to see the big picture. We still want towns that are pleasant and well functioning. Well planned anti-vehicle protection doesn’t have to stand out. With good planning you can reduce risks without a single bollard. For instance you can use the natural topography, separation of user groups, reinforced park benches or street art,” Petter explains.

One important aspect in all work aimed at reducing antagonistic threats is to keep proportionality in mind. Immediately after a terror attack, there is a natural tendency to overreact.

“If society sets its standards in times of crisis, there’s a risk that we move the goalposts, with the result that our towns are filled with poorly integrated measures that impact negatively on other values such as functionality, esthetics and accessibility,” argues Petter.

Download the publication “Skydd mot fordonsattacker” (Protection against vehicle attacks) here. (in Swedish)

Link to page about the guide:

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