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Crowd Management

Security, safety, experience – in reality

Gathering large numbers of people in one place offers great opportunities, but also challenges and risks. Successful handling of crowds requires knowledge, experience and structure. Crowd Management at Briab always focuses on each individual’s security, safety, and experience.


At Briab we offer market-leading expertise and a clear working process, in order to plan and create the right conditions for ensuring that the individual and collective experience of large numbers of people delivers the results you’re aiming for. Whether in a permanent setting like a shopping center or a temporary set-up like a concert or festival.

Security is just the start

Moods and emotions, both negative and positive, spread rapidly in a crowd. Will I get in early enough? Will I get to see what I want? Does it seem well organized and do I feel safe? What if there is rain or a malfunction? Working in crowd management is about working proactively, in order to understand, fulfil and possibly even to exceed the visitor’s expectations, throughout the course of the interaction. While earning a profit.

Nudging, not control

Crowd Management is about creating the best conditions for the experience. Not about limiting or controlling. It’s about analyzing and understanding how people will move in a particular area, deciding how they should move – optimally – and getting them to want to do this by their own will. If it’s done properly, the visitor will not even reflect over their choices. The obvious consequences are security and safety. And concrete results include quality in the experience, increased sales and a strengthened brand.

Design, Information and Management

At Briab Crowd Management our work is based on three interplaying factors, which are present from the initial analysis to the actual execution.

How well does the physical reality support the planned event? The physical reality guides how visitors can move, but also how they will move. How they move is the foundation of the experience, but also of security and safety. What can be changed and what must remain as it is, and be managed instead? It might not be financially or practically possible to physically remedy problems at temporary events. It might not even be permitted, for construction-technical reasons.

How can we work intelligently with information like signage, sound and information systems, and other mechanical/technical systems? Information also includes the visitor being unconsciously influenced by way of lighting and relative placement, for instance. What best suits the assignment and the physical and resource-related limitations? What limits or boosts the ability to spread necessary information?

How is the experience arranged? How is the event guided and managed? How are management, control and other critical roles staffed? How do the personnel handle their duties and what is their focus? Are they guards or hosts, and what is the difference? To what level have they been trained, and is this sufficient if they are put to the test? How do we collaborate with government functions and local stakeholders?


On Saturday October 13, 2018, Nationalmuseum in Stockholm reopened to the public, after being closed for renovation since 2013. Briab Crowd Management was in charge of crowd management and security outside. Note, film is in Swedish.

Crowd Management at temporary events

Temporary events such as festivals, concerts and openings offer an almost endless number of factors to consider. The biggest challenge is that security and the actual execution do not limit or suffocate the visitor’s enjoyment of the event. Briab’s Crowd Management team has many years’ experience of planning, leading and executing everything from music festivals to openings with royalty and major security operations.


Briab Crowd Management

Crowd Management in permanent environments

Building permanent structures for large numbers of people almost always involves huge investments. The structures might be places for shopping, leisure, entertainment, or infrastructure. During planning and design phases, Crowd Management is a tool for “right-the-first-time design”. Understanding and considering crowd dynamics before the project is built is not just about avoiding errors and shortcomings, it can also deliver clear efficiency and quality benefits, such as better utilization of spaces, and better and more efficient exposure opportunities. In a more enjoyable setting, people tend to spend more time, which translates into increased sales. Well planned spaces and processes around check-outs increase efficiency and minimize line-ups. Good sight-lines and walkways lead to naturally airy through-ways, which creates a sense of security and a pleasant environment.


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